Aevox Trivvan

Wizard. Pyromaniac. Gambling kingpin in the making.


Aevox Trivvan has always been somewhat of an oddity. His light blue skin and white hair, courtesy of his Air Genasi heritage, set him apart from birth. He quickly found a home away from home with the drow youths in Luceredin; they were treated like he was – unfairly and different.

His father, Caelox, an adept enchanter and dealer in magic wares, wanted him to grow up and become a magic merchant just like him. Unfortunately for Caelox, Aevox quickly became disinterested as soon as he was able to see how the customers treated his family, as though they were second class citizens.

Aevox used the training his father gave him in Wizardry to pursue more… mischievous prospects. After getting into a bit of trouble from mostly harmless pranks, and coming home in the wee hours of the morning after long nights at the elemental dice table, Caelox had had enough. He kicked Aevox out.

Aevox took his talents in enchanting to Hallow Rock, where he met his current companions and friends, and began to fight for what he believed in, with his sharp wit and burning passion that led him into a more explosive route of Wizardry.

Aevox Trivvan

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