Ethric Lynn

David's Monk/Master of the Brotherhood


Standing at 6’1" and weighing just short of 200 lbs, Ethric is clearly an athletic man. His dirty blonde hair, well kept beard, blue eyes, and light tan are all off-set by the loose dark clothing and cloak that serve as his armor. In spite of never using it for combat (preferring his obviously calloused fists), Ethric carries a quarterstaff with him as a walking stick most of the time; a quiet reminder of the roads that he seeks to protect.

To those that have seen Ethric fight, however briefly, it is obvious that he is near as strong as an ogre and near as fast as a lion. He is also a rather good dancer.


Born near Acleon as the fifth child to a merchant family, Ethric was given to a local temple of St. Cuthbert and trained as a monk for the next thirteen years. At the age of 18, disgusted by the other worshipers of St. Cuthbert accepting the perverse rulers of Acleon, Ethric left the monastery and began traveling. Taking up the worship of Fharlaghn, Ethric moved from place to place without a specific purpose (other than making the roads safer) until about a year ago when he encountered Stella Novarossi on the way through Luceriden. Responding to the threat to the area, Ethric grew to find a home in Luceriden. Even more than that, Ethric found something that he hadn’t expected: friends. In Aevox, Stella, and Barton, Ethric found kindred spirits (after a fashion) and has decided to put down roots in the area, hoping to make it the safest it has been since the time when the The Order of the Lumicrux was at its strongest.

Ethric’s current goals are the furtherance of the Brotherhood of Travelers, as a means of protecting this new-found, and cherished, home, as well as the continued pursuit of physical perfection through the discipline and rigors of the life as a monk dedicated to the protection of others above all else. He has also taken Gambli Baronson as an apprentice in the pursuits of monastic life.

Ethric is a quasi-member of the Lumicrux after joining before stopping the catacylsmic eruption, and the founder of the Brotherhood of Travelers.

Ethric Lynn

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