Gambli Baronson

Ethric's Apprentice


His 5’10" frame is obviously strong and agile, as a monk’s training would make a man. He is dark skinned, with cropped black hair and seemingly perpetual five o’clock shadow. Above all else, Gambli is a kind man who seeks to protect those who cannot protect themselves and preserve the ideals of his god; Heironeous.


Second son of a baron who would receive no lands on the death of his father, he left his family estate to pursue the life of a monk so that there would be no issue of succession with his elder brother who he maintains a good relationship with to this day, primarily through the occasional letter or even more infrequent visit.

Gambli responded to the call of Ethric Lynn, and is one of the two founding members of the Brotherhood of Travelers. Since founding the guild, he has worked tirelessly with Ethric to make Shiver Alley a safer place and to patrol the roads near Luceriden and Hallow Rock.

When he isn’t in the active pursuit of some duty related to the Brotherhood, he trains with Ethric who he views as the closest thing to a “master monk” in the area.

Gambli Baronson

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