Barton M. Flabberghast


Barton Flabberghast is a silly man, and many refuse to speak of him.

Born the son of a trader, he soon fell into the hands of the underworld at a young age—Running away at the age of 10 in what he referred to as “the purest act of not giving a toss”. Learning to play the grimey street music of the alleys and streets of various towns across the continent gave him the skills to survive roaming from city to city.

In his early twenties he was able to worm his way into a spot with the “The Silver Harps”—A travelling music group well known throughout the kingdoms. It was with the Harps that he was introduced to their singer, a beautiful young woman he was able to seduce shortly afterwards; marrying her and living happily ever after… for a few years.

Yes, the carnal pleasures of the world were to much to resist for ole’ Barton and when his wife found out her wrath was that of a God. No, literally, turns out she had been the God of the Forest this whole time. Fleeing the deadly scorn of divorce, Barton fled to far-away lands where he played for tips in various towns—Smuggling any sort of illegal material he can to “make the big bucks”.

Soon, he would meet a group of similar wanderers and go on to become known to all the known kingdoms as “That guy who did that thing”.

Barton M. Flabberghast

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