Miravelle Marquis

"Miss Miravelle" - Arms and Artifacts dealer, Rogue


Miravelle wears a half mask covering her nose and the lower half of her face that matches her burgundy and black leather armor. Black and white striped pants under her armor along with bits of white lace detailing various articles or her attire accent what is otherwise very dark, unassuming armor. Miravelle’s long dark auburn hair flows almost half the length of her entire 5’4" frame. One notable braid runs over Miravelle’s right ear while the rest of her hair cascades in waves down her back.


Little is known about “Miss Miravelle” among the people of Luceredin. Few have ever seen her face, and those that have do not speak of it. Since her arrival in Luceredin Miravelle began a trade relationship with Fynn Baggerflap. Fynn often receives exotic weapons and trinkets from Miravelle to sell in his shop. Henrick Porter is also a known associate is dealing arms and artifacts.

Miravelle is a regular at The Dragon’s Flagon and Shiver Alley despite seemingly being well off.

Miravelle Marquis

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