Niedric Roristead

Cleric of The Order of the Lumicrux


Niedric Roristead is a simple and reserved cleric that resides in Hallow Rock. He tends the clerical and divine needs of the town while acting as the local representative of the Lumicrux. Niedric was born of two clerics involved in creating The Hallow Rock after Luceo liberated it from the Reach of Rot. This event remains a source of pride for the Roristead family line, and Niedric has seen to The Hallow Rock’s preservation by taking up study, maintenance, and creation of such enchantments as those used in its creation.
Niedric was a friend and resource to Barton the Bizarre and his associates in the defense of Hallow Rock against rot head forces 2 years ago. Niedric is also a master of messenger birds and key in the dissemination of information amongst the Lumicrux.


Niedric Roristead

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