Lancea Albentis

Knight Captain of The Order of the Lumicrux


Lancea Albentis is deceitfully strong for her soft, light features and 5’8" stature. Green eyes pierce out from under her long brown hair commonly billowing out around her face from her drawn up white hood. When Lancea pulls back her hood the quantity and luster of her rich brown hair would surprise a stranger.


Lancea Albentis can embolden or crush the will of almost anyone with her fierce charisma and indomitable will. Although stern at times, Lancea is the passionate leader of The Order of the Lumicrux beloved by many for her devotion to Luceredin and the betterment of the realm.
Before the events of the Eruption of Grauman’s Peak Lancea was perceived by some as the glorified errand girl of the Lumicrux, treated with excessive favor by Kurrus Leviortus prior to his passing. After her tireless efforts in defense of the city during The Eruption coupled with her success in reviving the influence of The Order after years of obsolescence as the new Knight Captain she has earned the respect of most naysayers. Lancea took Stella Novarossi under her wing starting from Lancea’s own days as knight errant. Lancea was deeply wounded by the suffering of her friend and fellow member of The Order at the hands of Hector, a lieutenant in Bosunde. Whereas prior to the eruption youth and optimistic adventurism meshed with her will and devotion, a markedly different steely resolve and cool calculation have crept into her personality.


Lancea Albentis

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