Lucia Auricoma

Eyes of the Brotherhood


Short even for a half-elf, Lucia stands only 5’4". She is obviously more at home in the wilds than in any city. In spite of this, Lucia isn’t an unattractive woman; with the beautiful features of her elven heritage and a long braid of honey blonde hair that hangs to the middle of her back.

She always carries with her an elven longbow, a gift from her father; while wearing a fine suit of supple leather armor. A keen observer would also notice a small silver pendant around her neck that she is never without, although what the significance of that pendant is remains a mystery.



Lucia is more at home in the wild and barely explored regions of Dawsutria than she is the cities of the region. The wild trails that slowly bleed into the main roads are her home in a way that a city never could be, so strongly does Lucia identify with the elven part of her blood.

On one of Ethric Lynn’s outings to pursue a small band of goblins within a few days of the city, Lucia encountered him. Together, they eradicated the goblins, and Ethric told Lucia of the Brotherhood of Travelers. Lucia was a member within the day.

Since she has joined she spends a little more time near Luceriden than she would have before, but she acts as the eyes of the Brotherhood in the wilds that are much closer to the city than most people would expect. Whenever there is a threat presented by some small group of monsters, Lucia is often the first to know before she takes that information back to the Brotherhood and the Lumicrux so such a threat can be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Lucia Auricoma

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