Nephia Korathuum

female demon, unseated abyssal royalty


Nephia appears as an orange skinned demon with blood red hair. She possesses devious appeal.


Nephia is the daughter of Oramat Korathuum, a demon lord formerly ruling a large portion of the 167th layer of the Abyss, and Palloa the Visitor, a powerful demon that travels the layers of the Abyss seeking not to conquer but rather to spurn conflict. As the daughter of the abyssal wanderer her favor among Oramat’s offspring waned after Palloa’s visitation. Her half-siblings showed her more spite than normal for her origins beyond that layer.

Oramat was slain and his land conquered by Grauman in the War for Madorith. As an act of fealty to Grauman, the second most powerful offspring of Oramat (the first slain as an example), Pietus, offered Nephia as a ward for lands in her name to remain ruler of some properties. Nephia accessed the material plane surrounding the eruption of Grauman’s Peak. She was thrilled to be cut off from the Grauman’s layer and presumed dead after the closing of Grauman’s gateway by Lancea Albentis.

Nephia resides on the material plane seeking greater power to one day return to the Abyss powerful enough to be free of any obligations or random subjugation by force.

Grauman had previously cursed Nephia upon receiving her as a youth to keep the power of her potent bloodlines from manifesting. Essentially she was placed in stasis as an adolescent. Without the shackles of the curse on the material plane Nephia is growing in body and power rapidly.

Nephia Korathuum

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