Stella Novarossi

Knight Errant "New Light" of the Lumicrux


Standing almost 5’11" and not slight in her build, Stella Novarossi would seem imposing were it not for her kind demeanor, elegant features, and oddly effeminate whilst sturdy form.


Stella is the recently appointed knight errant of the Order of the Lumicrux.

After followers of Pelor lost their favor in Acleon and the vicious triumvirate banished many of Pelor’s devout, Stella chose to travel southwest towards a new purpose and opportunity to serve the sun god. She took up work defending caravans and other travelers to pay her way and protect others whilst pursuing her next calling.

Upon arrival in Corinvale she encountered Lancea Albentis on task to help Corinvale find and slay a ghoul terrorizing the city graveyard. This task and the goals of the Lumicrux sounded like a worthy path for Stella so she took up travelling with Lancea to complete quests across the region. After a few months of fighting admirably with Lancea and proving her exemplary devotion she was formally inducted into the order.

Stella began striking out independently with other associates of the Lumixcrux as the health of Kurrus Leviortus waned and Lancea took up his care and his duties. Upon Kurrus’ death Stella became the Knight Errant of the Lumicrux.

As the Eruption of Grau Mon’s Peak loomed a series of tragedies befell Stella including her death at the hands of Hector Bevorthis, a lieutenant of the Bosunde and fearsome cruelty. At the efforts of Ethric Lynn and the secret pool watched over by Barton Flabbergast and a nymph, Lyllema, Stella Novarossi was revived by the wondrous powers of the pool.

Stella remains the dutiful Knight Errant of the Lumicrux, but splits her devotion to questing with caring for the drow child, Nialie. The events of the slaughter of Matriarch Catella’s drow clan and Stella’s own death weighed noticeably on her, but her commitments to Nialie and the Lumicrux seem to have given her great perseverance through her woes where others would have resigned to squalor.

Stella Novarossi

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