The Order of the Lumicrux

The Order of the Lumicrux has existed since the inception of commoner settlement in Dawsutria. As followers of Pelor left Acleon to find a new home those devout and capable banded together as The Order of the Lumicrux to fight the evil that would inevitably be encountered exploring unknown lands and defending new settlements.
Once the towns of Luceredin and Corinvale were established the Lumicrux became an organized group of knights and supporters with barracks, meeting halls, and places of worship. A tradition of annual excursions began where each town dispatched a group of local Lumicrucean knights to cleanse a pocket of evil.

After some decades of slow growth and a flow of immigrants from the northwest a dire evil emerged in Dawsutria. The fledgling town of Brevalia was razed to the ground by an enormous Dark Chimera infused with demonic power accompanied by fiendish cohorts. Aid from Luceredin and Corinvale to stop the threat before it destroyed Brevalia and started northward proved futile, and many knights and adventurers were lost. As the evil beast and its horde travelled to Luceredin the town prepared for the worst. Lady Rosa Excanadore, the illustrious High Maiden of the Lumicrux in Luceredin, led what remained of the Order and the militia to the southern edge of the town to meet their foes on the fateful evening of the Dark Chimera’s arrival. The battle raged into the night, and while all the cohorts were slain the Dark Chimera would not fall and killed the remainder of Luceredin’s forces despite Lady Rosa’s efforts as one of the great healers and clerics in Dawsutria. Rosa faced the colossal beast: almost 35 feet tall with the heads of what can only be described as terrifying amalgams of a phoenix griffon, a bull dragon, an elephant lion, and a hell serpent.

After many minutes of fierce battle the High Maiden collapsed dying of her wounds and potent venom having decapitated the elephant lion head, but short of felling the monster. In this critical moment an unknown man in gold armor covered in pearls rode in on a pale steed wielding a longsword and gold torch from the eastern hills. This strange knight from the east killed the Dark Chimera as Rosa’s consciousness faded. The townspeople witnessed the knight ride into town carrying Rosa to the temple barracks of The Order of the Lumicrux closing the doors behind him. Rosa awoke in the morning cured of the dark venom and her wounds on the mend. The man stayed with her over the next week and The High Maiden came to love him for his bravery, virtues, and caring words. Once recovered the knight bade that she accompany him on a stroll into the western woods. The lady returned alone, but not marked with sadness.

Nine months later Lady Rosa gave birth to a baby boy, Luceo Excanadore. The High Maiden claimed the boy’s yellow eyes shined like those of his father – and that Pelor shined through them. Luceo grew to be an adept paladin and cleric, mastering magic and swordsmanship with unnatural talent under the crest of the Lumicrux. Luceo was knighted and led tireless excursions to cleanse the land of evil wherever it may lie. Luceo was the first to be elevated to Knight Captain, but his mother would pass as the last High Maiden – an honor deemed too great for any more to follow. Luceo led for years as an inspiring and effective leader creating many new roads and towns in his cleanse conquering. Tragically after leaving to investigate a disturbance in the northern mountains Luceo never returned, lost for decades and all searches unsuccessful.

After this through a combination of Luceo’s absence and a period of relatively calm years across the realm the Lumicrux waned to only a few knights and supporters.

In recent history The Order was led for five years by Kurrus Leviortus, but at his passing Lancea Albentis was named the new Knight Captain. Lancea is the blood of Fulgar Albentis, the Knight Captain before Kurrus.

At the Eruption of Grauman’s Peak it was discovered that a gate to a demonic ring of hell was opened seeping out chaos into the land and aiding evil. The disturbance Luceo sought out was a fit of the portal’s expansion brought on by the High Priest Incendorai Graukin of the Bosunde, a secret organization of demonic worshipers. There Luceo was locked in unavailing combat with the high priest until they both cast Miracle and Wish simultaneously realizing their equal match and high stakes. These counteracting massive magical forces trapped the two in force fields of energy at odds filling the cave and meeting in the middle. This clash even caved in the mountainside entrance. From here Luceo and Incendorai were trapped at the antechamber of the hell portal in a battle of wills manifested in energy. For decades these opposing forces neutralized the chaotic power radiating from the gate to Graumon’s layer of hell, but Luceo slowly spent his very soul, withering away to maintain the hold on this portal and the high priest. The remnants of the Bosunde excavated the chamber after detecting the chaotic pulses as Incendorai and Graumon’s will began to win over. The pulses of power that made it through the force field were converted to magical items, and as it progressed naturalized chaos developed in the region. But still, none could enter the force sphere without the death of one of those trapped inside. As Luceo had long hoped, a fateful band of adventurers found out this evil place to fight the battle anew. Luceo could finally allow his own death and the adventurers: Barton, Aevox, Crecias, Ethric, and Lancea, defeated Incendorai and closed the portal. And so Luceo’s long vigil was over, and the reign of chaos ended. This was a great victory for The Order of the Phoenix and the entire realm.

Presently knights within The Order of the Phoenix consist of Lancea Albentis, Niedric Roristead, Stella Novarossi, Igthain Monastian.


The Order of the Lumicrux

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