As settlers, adventurers, and refugees alike migrated from Acleon a particular defensible grassy hill with a small natural spring struck many as the perfect place to set camp. For a while people arrived and quickly moved on after recuperating from their journey, but slowly an extensive camp town took hold. The fledgling Order of the Lumicrux set up a short stone tower upon which burned a bright white magical torch to keep watch over the new residents and weary travelers. The ambitious and hopeful settlers built out a water well and makeshift homes sprung up around it. Winter brought the first conflict when scavenging orcs found Luceredin. By virtue of the white torch tower the vigilant knight guards spotted the orcs surveying the town from the wood’s edge. The orcish raiders expecting easy looting at night charged up the hill after some bickering, but were met with ready swords by the newly assembled knights of the Lumicrux. Word of a victory on the slopes of Luceredin spread across the region, encouraging further settlement and new membership in The Order of the Lumicrux.

Some wealthy traders and adept wizards fancying a governmental body for Luceredin formed a council with the High Maiden of the Lumicrux at that time, Lady Gelinde Sternwelt. This council invested their resources into a tavern, town hall, and barracks temple. Quickly Luceredin was the premier common town of Dawsutria, developing trade with a fledgling Corinvale to the north and benefiting from the rich wildlife and copper mine to the south. The Luceredin Council became a prestigious circle, of which many gained substantial wealth from the success of their tavern, The Thirsty Phoenix and their ever expanding accommodations rented to both residents and travelers. The council continued to cultivate Luceredin with the vast majority of their proceeds.

In a controversial move the council bought out the older, rudimentary homes of the original settlement to own all residences, but with promise to replace, renovate and rent them back to the people with careful management. At this Lady Gelinde withdrew from the council striking a deal that the barracks temple to remain under the title of The Order of the Lumicrux in distaste for the growing solitary power of the council.

Fortunately for Luceredin the tension passed as a kind natured wizard, Elliac Ballast, remained a strong influence on the council leading them to fulfill their promises with interest to the people and maintain rapport with Lady Gelinde. This led to a renewed closeness between the Luceredin Council and the Lumicrux despite their division that reassured some and irked others.

The council has stood as the law making and owning entity of Luceredin for almost a century, but over the past few decades this circle of prominent individuals has become increasingly aristocratic and exclusive. As The Order of the Lumicrux waned in the power, so also did the need to live up to any selfless idealism. Even the right to dispatch justice and maintain security slowly passed to a town guard established by the council albeit it loosely constructed and a net loss for the security of Luceredin. As it stands the city is still a sound investment and continues to be a boon for all, but the council nor the people are fool enough to not remain aware of the delicate balance at play.

Despite its controversies Luceredin enjoys relative prosperity and fortune and remains one of the most influential cities in all of Dawsutria.


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